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The Maine Rebbetzin, Lisa Mayer, is a Clio-Award winning copywriter from Madison Avenue in New York City who now lives in Auburn, Maine, near lakes, mountains, moose and Starbucks. Her funny, bite-sized memoirs have been featured on the Huffington Post and published in the National Jewish Forward and other newspapers.

She has performed all over the world from Cracow to Jerusalem, and from Montreal to Dallas as a Yiddish singer and Klezmer violinist together with her husband, Rabbi Sruli Dresdner, and featured on PBS-TV and National Public Radio. She also started the Maine-ly Jewish Storytelling Festival, now in it’s fourth year.

Rebbetzin Lisa’s hilarious readings about her (poopoopoo!) 5 kids, 4 careers, 3 pets, 2 husbands, and 1 unusually happy orthodox childhood in Queens, NY, always get standing ovations!  

Her program (for adults only) runs a little over an hour, plus time for questions and laughter.

“Your stories were so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing. But there was always something deeper, poignant, underneath.” —Kehilat Breira, Boston

“Lisa! Lisa! Lisa!”  —Conference for Jewish Life, Colby College, Maine


Lisa Mayer reads her story “Peaches” live.

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Jumping In

Lisa Mayer reads her story “Jumping In” live.

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